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Hi! I am Mirella Treves, Italian-American, mother and citizen of the world, Coach and Play therapist. I love my job and I've had the honor of working with many people all over the world, helping them move forward in their lives and careers and achieve amazing goals. I am a member of ICF (International Coach Federation) and of ANUPI Educazione (Associazione Nazionale unitaria Psicomotricisti italiani di area socioeducativa.

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i am a highly motivated and performing PCC - professional coach. I offer sessions on skype with different clients (individual and team) I am result-oriented, talented and well-qualified. I give workshops on different topics.Beside my educational and professional experience of the last 30 years I am a joyfull, enthusiastic, honest and positive person and I don’t want to loose time!

I used my skills in these fields:   

  • Life coach

  • Play therapist

  • Mental coaching with tennis players

  • Spiritual coaching in circles of women

  • Leader of training courses

  • Expert in communication and theatre

  • Educational play therapist at school

  • Coordinator of nursery schools

  • Educator

  • Mentor

These are some of the training seminars and classes I lead:

  • Corso di formazione per docenti “Relazioni interpersonali e comunicazione”

  • Corso di Counseling Revaluation

  • Coordinamento “Il Paese delle Meraviglie”

  • Stages teatrali per mamme

  • Supervisione e accompagnamento equipe operatori Centro Estivo

  • Stage “Teatro della consapevolezza” per operatrici

  • Corso formazione operatori associazione Babazuf

  • Corsi formazione educatrici asili nido

  • Incontri “sostegno alla genitorialità”

  • Coordinamento di un gruppo del “Training Primavera”

A few numbers...
(updated july 2013)

  • 2.450 Adults (seminars, coaching session or workshops)

  • 2.500 children aged 11-13

  • 1.250 children aged 5 - 10

  • 1.000 children aged 2 – 5

  • 4.000 parents

  • 450 hours leading training workshops

  • 50 Classes of elementary school

  • 10 kindergarden

  • 170 kids in therapy

  • 25 groups in association or cooperatives

  • 130 Classes of high school

  • 20 years leading theatre seminars

  • 42 specialistic theatre workshops

  • 11 years working for Settore Servizi Sociali – Area Giovani – Comune di Milano

  • 15 Gruppi di teatro e psicomotricità presso Comuni

  • 4 nursery schools

  • 5 baby massagegroups

  • 3 Sezioni Primavera


I am so grateful to the people I met in my life and that made it possible for me to be the great person I am. Most important teachers are my kids, Nefeli e Federico.
I am grateful to my parents, my sister Erica and my brother Dario, my nephews, nieces, Leo, Sandra, Emilia, nonna Wilma, my theatre teacher Nicoletta, Signo the nunny, Etta and Shoshi, Marga, Gabri, Giuly, to B.A, to my second family, to Angelino, Pozza. I thank trips, books, Rodrigo, Cica and Pita my dogs, Borgogno, Jacques Lecoq, Bemborat, Ghillani, Wille and Ghetti, Thitch Nath Than, nature, thunderstorms, Riommi and Moira, Giorgio, meditation, psychotherapy, Fred, Enry and Giusy, Rispoli, Formati, my collegues of Coccinella, Buzz and Marco, Massari, to all the Darios, to Bastia, Gjermund, Loo and Gitte I am really grateful to all of you, to parents that came and to those that wanted to come but stayed there, to my clients and coachèes, to the mummy actresses, to the kindergardens, to Gil, my spiritual brother, to Ivana, Anto and Lisa, to Moro, Sacchi and Rossana, to Busnago. Thanks to headmasters, teachers, professors, to councilors women and also to males , those from which I moved away , to speech therapists and orthoptists , to many psychomotor and the psychotherapist who has an edge , walking at 5 am , the rainbow double , alcoholics and the SUNDANCE , to painting , to Allenati per l’Eccellenza, ICF , 'ANUPI , Emmy Rainwalker , Sandra and Monika Pagneux , to all the children of the studio that I no longer see and to those that still come.
I am so grateful to BEA, GABRI, CODY and all SUNDANCERS, and all the special native people that I met in south dakota!
... to all of you who are reading me and I feel, you're here by my side . Thanks !

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RESULTS with coaching

These references and result are not the same of the italian version. I decided to not translate the italian ones and to keep here only the results that I received in the original language

  • I really wanted to work with Mirella, since my friend Marc kept telling me how great she was, so I accepted to meet her on Skype. Already after the first session, I felt on track!

  • what can I say? Certainly I was impressed when we couldn’t find the right time to meet and you were available on Sunday!”

  • Thank you for your time, it really changed my life and you know it!

  • When I started working with you I was feeling directionless and disappointed with my life. I was confused about what path to take and what career would fulfill me. Our work has been challenging, inspiring, at times frustrating but without a doubt, transformational.

  • Ce qui est formidable c’est que j’ai acquis une méthode de pensée et de me questionner et Jacques dit que je suis plus détendue et plus ouvert !

  • I feel excited about my future and all the possibilities waiting for.

  • Mirella je voulais te dire que le coaching m’a permis de faire face à des situations qui me paraissaient insurmontables.

  • Working with Mirella is simply amazing, enjoyable and professionally challenging.

  • Mirella! Two years have passed and I'm still doing "Special Time" with my kids.


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Many collaborations past and present that have made it possible to achieve good results.

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