The aim of my intervention is to promote well-being in childhood, adolescence and old age, to train teachers and educators in a psychomotor approach by ensuring their professional supervision and develop and discover study activities applied to teaching, advice and research in presence and also online.

I work with children that present difficulties as neuro psychomotor therapist with excellent results.


importance of body work with old people

Neuropsychomotor therapy

therapy for children betwen one and 11 years old which present different disabilities (psychomotor retardation, hiperactivity, autism, ADHD, learning difficulties, oppositive, aggressive…)

Training for teachers

And also:

  • Advice for school headmasters
  • Supervision of the team
  • Refresher courses and workshops on specific topics
  • Parent support
  • Advice to teacher for difficult classes or children with difficulties
  • Psychomotor Education with children at school
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